29 August 2008

A reflection of a sad day...

The day has just started and as the sun rose, the sky turned black. A strange feeling envolted me as I hung up the phone. Tears started to run down my face, but somehow I'm not shure why. Should I feel sad, or should I feel relieved that it has ended? Can't I feel both? Maybe I do... Only love can keep me warm now, so I run down to you. Embrace me in your arms and let me feel your wormth as our hearts together beat as one. I know some of you would like to say something, but the silence is just too precious to me. It's confort enough just to know, thats what matters. Sooner or later it'll go away, I know it. Today I just feel empty and blue, but I'll rise up soon... just give me some time.

As if two beat as one, from me to you.

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